MEDIA Access Pro™

MEDIA Acccess Pro
Digital innovations and competitive business activities are driving rapid changes in broadcast media.

Keep your finger on the competitive pulse with MEDIA Access Pro™, a data and analytical software service that delivers the most comprehensive information available for the radio, television and newspaper industries.

Instant Access to Timely and Comprehensive Information on the Media Industry

MEDIA Access Pro (MAPro) contains more than 2,000 fields of data on 30,000-plus broadcast and newspaper organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Updated daily, MAPro delivers comprehensive data:

  • Over-the-air and online advertising revenues
  • Ratings
  • Circulation
  • Ownership details
  • Transactions
  • Digital information
  • Demographics
  • Technical stats
  • Multi-level contact information
  • Sophisticated custom mapping program

Expert Data and Services

Comprehensive Industry Coverage

Covering both rated and non-rated markets, MAPro encompasses over 25,000 commercial and non-commercial radio stations, 13,000 full- and low-power TV stations, and 6900 daily and weekly newspapers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Information is updated daily by a dedicated call center. Our longevity and trusted reputation in the business allows us to have regular, direct contact with station and newspaper owners and operators.

Cross-Media View

MAPro is the only business application that provides a fully integrated view of markets, ownership, revenues and coverage for competitive and comparative information and analysis on the media industry. MAPro allows you to compare cross-media data on one screen and plot coverage for multiple industries on the same map.

Media access pro offers a cross media view of radio, tv and newspaper
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All-Inclusive Data

There is no other source in the market that offers such comprehensive information. For more than 25 years, BIA/Kelsey has drawn upon its unique access to stations, ownership groups and industry resources to report the most accurate market numbers through MAPro.

MAPro is the only industry service that provides market-level online advertising revenue estimates supplied directly from broadcasters and others in the market. The following data is updated daily:

  • Online and over-the-air advertising revenues
  • Competitive overview of local television and radio markets
  • Estimated revenues for properties, owners and markets
  • Latest census
  • Major group revenue shares by market displayed graphically (TV and radio)
  • Historical and projected market financial performance displayed graphically for the past and future five years (TV and radio)
  • Comprehensive coverage maps
  • Transactions and deal terms
  • FCC activities such as transactions’ proposed date, FCC grant date and consummation date
  • Market growth data and demographic makeup
  • Accurate sales, marketing and internet and digital director contact information, including seven-plus contacts at each facility and executive personnel at ownership level

MAPro contains market-level online advertising revenues for broadcast media and newspapers

Transaction Data

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Whether you need financial or market information for radio, television or newspapers or you are looking for contact names at every level of the industry, MAPro will fit your needs. There is no other source with information as comprehensive and up to date as MAPro, and no other database product that offers such state-of-the-art functionality and customization ability.

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Transaction Activity

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