The biggest names in brand-to-local marketing will be participating in BIA/Kelsey BRANDS.

Speakers Share their Perspective

“BIA/Kelsey always does a great job tackling a topic from angles. As we look at priorities for 2016, helping national brands get local is near the top of the list” - Ryan Davis, VP, Local Platform, The Weather Company
“All of us who work with brands on localized marketing have the same fundamental goals, though our solutions and strategies differ; so it's always valuable to get together in a collaborative atmosphere to share our challenges, creative thinking, and new ideas. I'd say in particular that BIA/Kelsey conferences help me keep tabs on the ever-shifting priorities that define what matters in local” - Damian Rollison, Director of Product, Brandify
“I look forward to hearing from multiple sides on the challenges faced when driving national brand messaging down to the individual brick & mortar level. Coming from the agency side, I’m especially keen to gain an understanding of where brands and tech providers feel we fit in the mix – how we can help the process. Pumped for the day!” - Joe Esposito, Director, Product Development & Technology, GroupM Search + Social
“Local marketing is a huge untapped and under-leveraged opportunity for many national brands. As marketers we need more forums like this to better understand how recent advances in Martech and Adtech have opened the door to the ‘new local’ and can help answer the perennial question: Is the juice worth the squeeze?” - Rex Conklin, Fortune 50 marketing executive and BIA/Kelsey BRANDS advisor
“Marketing technologies and tools available today create a huge opportunity for brands to get a much closer look at customer interactions, cross channel optimization and “affiliate” performance. Tremendous value can be unlocked through stronger top line customer acquisition and location management. I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues at the BIA/Kelsey BRANDS conference in NYC later this month”Chris Marentis, CEO, Surefire Social
“BIA Kelsey attracts industry leaders and creates an environment for open discussion and collaboration. It has been my go-to conference to learn about new developments in the local media space and reconnect with great people”Warren Kay, VP, Advertising, Under Armour
“Given the importance and size of the Brand-to-Local marketing space, I’m excited to be at BIA/Kelsey's BRANDS conference which is one of the only events that is wholly focused on this area. Brand-to-Local is rapidly growing in prominence and BIA Kelsey is bringing key thought leaders and content together so we can all work on solving important market problems and help shape this space” - Brendan Morrissey, CEO, Netsertive


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